Can I get Spousal Support in Oklahoma?

Can I get Spousal Support in Oklahoma?

Obtaining spousal support can be a tricky process depending on your income, marriage history, and other factors. You can receive spousal support in Oklahoma, but a fair amount of spousal support in Oklahoma tends to be temporary. However, certain circumstances can warrant long-term spousal support, like instances where you are unable to fully support yourself because you have an illness or disability. Talking to an Oklahoma Divorce Attorney can help you figure out your eligibility.  

Factors Involved with Spousal Support 

When determining your eligibility for spousal support, courts will look at several factors related to your marriage and income. This includes your future earning capacity, the current level of income, and any changes in income after the start of the divorce process. Courts do this to assess whether you will need additional income Can I get Spousal Support in Oklahoma?after the divorce is finalized. This gives a person who relied on their spouse for income during the marriage a chance to recover financially after the divorce. 

The length of your marriage, standards of living before the divorce, and spousal health will also be assessed. Standards of living during the marriage serve as a comparison for how your life could turn out after the divorce if you are not given spousal support. 

Spousal health helps determine whether you will require long-term medical treatments in the future that could place you at financial risk. Courts tend to grant alimony in the long-term for those who have chronic health conditions, terminal illnesses, or disabilities. This helps people who may not have the income to cover these health-related expenses after the divorce.  

When Spousal Support Can be Revoked 

There are some instances when spousal support can be denied, changed, or canceled. History of marriage is often examined for signs of abuse or domestic violence. Spousal support can be denied for spouses who abused or instigated domestic violence during the marriage. A criminal history can also warrant a judge to deny spousal support. 

Spousal support can be changed if the circumstances after divorce have changed significantly. This could mean something as simple as you or your spouse no longer needing extra support. When your spouse finds a new job or is promoted, this new level of income may match or exceed what is needed for self-support. To change spousal support, you would have to send a form or talk to your lawyer about the process of changing a court order. 

There are also certain instances when spousal support can abruptly end. Some examples include a new court order from the judge, the sudden death of a spouse, or a remarriage.  

Family Lawyer in Oklahoma

In any situation where you want to change a spousal support court order, it is often safer to consult with an experienced Oklahoma Family lawyer first. A lawyer can examine your current living situation to determine your options for spousal support. If you are interested, call the Putnam Law Office at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation today. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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