Can a Car’s Window Tint Cause a Crash?

Can a Car’s Window Tint Cause a Crash?

Tinted car windows can limit hot sunshine beating down on a car and coming inside making the temperature very hot. They can also provide a bit of privacy. But, while most states allow some sort of window tinting, only three states do not put any restrictions on how dark a car’s windows can be. Oklahoma is not one of those states. In the Sooner State, car windows located on the side of the automobile and the rear can be tinted. Tinted windows must have at least 25% of light transmissivity and they can’t have light reflectance any higher than 25%. As a result, a car in Oklahoma is lawful if the windows are tinted to block as high as 75% of the sun’s rays and the light from outside entering in.

In comparison to other states’ rules and guidelines, Oklahoma allows residents to have car window tints on the darker end. Whether a driver decides to add window tint to reflect a certain aesthetic or for functional reasons like preventing light from entering their vehicle, one thing is for sure. They must abide by the regulations. If they do not, and they are involved in a car accident, then their very dark windows could be used as evidence to prove negligence. 

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How Can Tinted Windows Cause Car Accidents?

Can a Car's Window Tint Cause a CrashThe vast majority of car accidents are attributed to driver error. Driver mistakes can come in many forms. For instance, a driver may speed or be inebriated while behind the wheel. Speeding and drunk driving are just two examples of behavior that is careless. Car accidents that result due to driver error are preventable.

Window tinting may make it harder for a driver to see other cars or pedestrians on the road. This is especially true when driving at night. Driving at night already diminishes visibility and when a driver has windows that are very dark, it can be even harder for a driver to see what is around them. 

While there are laws on the books for how dark windows can be tinted in Oklahoma, that does not mean that every driver will follow them. If a driver has tinted windows that are far darker than what is lawful and cause a crash, it could be possible to prove that the illegally tinted windows played a part and that can speak to negligence on behalf of the driver. 

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