Bicycle Laws and Safety in Oklahoma: A Cyclist’s Legal Guide

Bicycle Laws and Safety in Oklahoma: A Cyclist’s Legal Guide

Bicycles make for a fun and healthy way to get around. Children and adults can benefit from riding a bike, but before you head out it is important to know the rules of the road for bicyclists. This way, you can stay compliant with the rules while also improving your personal safety and that of others. 

Bicycle Laws and Safety in Oklahoma A Cyclist’s Legal GuideOklahoma bicycle laws state that a bicycle is considered a vehicle. Because of this, bikers have a right to use the roads when they ride, but they also must obey most of the traffic laws. 

If you are going to be riding your bike in Oklahoma, here are a few things to know.

  • Bicyclists must obey traffic signals and signs. However, when a red light is broken, not functioning, or not recognizing a bicycle, the cyclist may proceed through the intersection.
  • Bicyclists do not have to follow the speed limits given that the speeds posted are normally too high for most cyclists who are not professionals.
  • When making a turn, a bicyclist must continuously signal their intentions and direction.
  • When riding along with traffic, a cyclist must try to stay as close to the right edge of the roadway unless any of the following are true:
    • When passing another bicyclist or vehicle riding in the same direction.
    • When making a left turn.
    • When avoiding hazards that may be present on the right edge of the road like a dead animal, large debris, a parked car, pedestrians, or other obstacles.
  • If a road is very narrow, where there is not enough room for a bicyclist to share the road with a vehicle, they may ride in the full lane.
  • Since cyclists are considered vehicles and traffic that have rights to the road, another vehicle may not force a bicyclist to move out of the way.
  • Bicyclists, where there is enough space can ride two abreast on a road, but no more. On a roadway with lanes, bicyclists must not impede the reasonable flow of traffic and as a result, have to ride in a single lane. It may also be necessary to ride a single file.
  • When a motorist driving in the same direction would like to pass a bicyclist, they may only do so when it is safe and while doing so give a minimum of three feet of clearance.
  • It is illegal to throw something at a cyclist and doing so could result in an arrest and felony charges.
  • Required registration, licensing, maintenance, and all regulations related to vehicle equipment will apply to motorists, not cyclists.
  • Always check the local jurisdiction where you are riding as they may have their own set of regulations.
  • At night, a bicyclist must have lights and reflectors as well as working brakes.
  • Bicyclists must comply with police officers’ directions and orders.
  • Despite the state of Oklahoma not having bicycle helmet requirements, different localities may have rules regarding helmets, especially for children.

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