Five Tips for Obtaining Joint Custody in a Divorce

Five Tips for Obtaining Joint Custody in a Divorce

If you are divorcing your spouse and you have children, there is a good chance that both you and your spouse would like to have custody. After all, you love your children, and you have gotten used to living with them daily. Missing them for any amount of time can feel heart-wrenching. The problem is that usually, a couple will move into different residences and live apart after a divorce. This makes it not only hard but impossible to have children be with each parent 100% of the time. As a result, there may be a way for each parent to have their children to themself for at least 50% of the time or other amount of time that is fair and in the best interests of the children.

Co-parenting is not always an easy thing to do, however, if you want to have joint custody with your ex and maximize the amount of time you have with your children, you will have to show you can effectively and responsibly co-parent. The judge that will be reviewing your child custody case is going to make their determination based on what they think will benefit the children most. And, even though most judges want to keep parents involved as much as possible with their children, if one spouse poses a threat or shows that they do not have the ability to co-parent, joint custody is not likely to happen.

Divorce is a tough thing to have to go through in life, and working out child custody issues is also not the most ideal thing to have to experience. That being said, families break up for various reasons every day, and divorce happens. As a result, so do issues related to child custody. For assistance with a divorce in Oklahoma and child custody, please call the Oklahoma City family law attorneys at the Putnam Law Office.

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Obtaining Joint Custody in Oklahoma

5 Tips for Getting Joint Custody of Children in a DivorceIf there is no reason that you or your ex-spouse would be considered a danger to the children and are fit to parent, then outside of full custody, joint custody is the next best thing. These tips below can help you when you are working to obtain joint custody of your children after divorce.

  1. Toe the line. When your attorney gives you advice, when the judge issues court orders, you should abide by the information you are given. Your lawyer’s advice is for your benefit, and the judge expects you to follow the court’s orders.
  2. Make sure to be punctual for all meetings, appointments, and meetups that you are scheduled to attend.
  3. Be calm and listen to what your ex has to say, even if what they say is not something you agree on. There is no reason to argue and become hostile.
  4. At least in front of the children, be respectful and courteous of your ex.
  5. Although it may be hard, try and be polite.

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Divorce is complicated, and it may not always be a simple task to maintain yourself and exhibit your manners when you are around your ex, but if you want joint custody, this is a must. 

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