All You Need to Know About Oklahoma Parenting Plans

All You Need to Know About Oklahoma Parenting Plans

You may have heard of a parenting plan while going through the Oklahoma divorce process if you have kids. A parenting plan is something that you will run into at one point or another, so it can help to become familiar with the various requirements and effects a court order like this could have on your future. The essential function of a parenting plan is to establish who will raise the children, for how long, and who will be able to make decisions for each child. If you have any questions about modifying a parenting plan, you can talk to an Oklahoma Family Lawyer for guidance.

What is an Oklahoma Parenting Plan?

An Oklahoma parenting plan is a court order that mandates which parent can raise the child, spend time with the child, the amount of time each parent can spend with the child, which parent can make legal or other decisions for the child, and who will be responsible for working through major disagreements. This document is crucial when All You Need to Know About Oklahoma Parenting Plansyou want to be able to see your child again after the divorce. Not filling out the right information or missing the right documents could affect this in major ways.

You may also want to put a parenting plan into effect in your favor when you fear your child’s safety in the hands of your spouse. For example, parenting plans can place protections for children when one parent has been found to be abusive or neglectful to that child in the past. The same rule might apply when a parent has abused drugs or been charged with a felony.

There are three main ways you can fill out your parenting plan. You can write a parenting plan proposal where you tell the judge what you want. A parenting plan order happens when a judge decides what will be in the parenting plan and you have to sign a form. However, when you and your spouse agree on the parenting plan, you just have to submit this signed agreement to a judge.

When Can I Modify My Oklahoma Parenting Plan?

There are rare circumstances in which you can request an Oklahoma parenting plan modification. You can do this when there has been a substantial change in circumstances like in cases of child abuse, parent imprisonment, or when you and your spouse agree on new terms. Minor changes can also be requested when you do not have custody of your child or want to revise the visitation schedule.

To change a parenting plan, you will need to pay a court fee and attend an Adequate Cause or Threshold hearing to argue why the court order should be changed. A lawyer can help you prepare a defense for the Oklahoma child custody you want.

Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma

Creating a parenting plan with the outcomes you want is not always easy. Consider working with an Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer if you are struggling to obtain the child custody or visitation you want. Call the Putnam Law Office today at (405)-849-9149 for a consultation. Mr. Putnam is an Oklahoma City, OK attorney who is dedicated to his clients.

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